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Machinery, equipment and tools for gardening

LLC "KIS" (Designs intensive gardens) - a company specializing in providing comprehensive services for the selection and delivery of specialized machines and units for modern intensive horticulture and viticulture.


As the official representative of such well-known European companies such as: Campagnola (Italy), Frumaco (Spain), Goldoni (Italy), Moreno (Spain), Orsi (Italy), Teyme (Spain), Unitec (Italy), the team of our company bears full responsibility for the timely and proper fulfillment of commitments, both to customers and to partners. Therefore, we work under the motto "Professionalism, warranty service", that for employees and customers of a company, means:

  • having a professional approach in the selection of equipment to meet customer requirements;
  • provision of guaranteed compliance with all conditions of the contract of supply;
  • implementation of service delivered equipment in accordance with the wishes of customers.

The range of products we offer:

  • Garden 18-20 and 80-100 HP tractor;
  • wide range of tillers;
  • high-performance equipment for plant protection;
  • different techniques for the care of plants;
  • modern equipment for harvesting in orchards and vineyards; and, quality planting material for intensive horticulture and viticulture from Holland.

The team of "KIS" consists of highly qualified professionals able to their conscientious work to meet the expectations of our European colleagues and hope our compatriots.